The 2020 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our community and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2020 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes Subaru retailers who are making the world a better place while demonstrating an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in local communities. These efforts are focused in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.

The 2020 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award

What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

Subaru Loves Pets

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Subaru Loves the Earth

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Subaru Loves Learning

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Subaru Loves to Help

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Subaru Loves to Care

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Whether they live in our homes or in the wild, Subaru is committed to keeping all animals safe and healthy.

A partner since 2008, Subaru has donated over $28 million to the ASPCA and through Subaru Loves Pets has helped support the rescue, transport, adoption and well-being of over 230,000 animals across the country. 


Loving the environment means more than loving the great outdoors. It means working to preserve it.

Since 2018, Subaru has partnered with TerraCycle.  Participating Subaru retailers collect hard-to-recycle trash that was headed to local landfills. We collect approximately 2 tons of this hard-to-recycle trash monthly, which will be converted to furnishings and other usable items and donated locally.


It’s our goal to make the pursuit of knowledge available to as many minds as possible.

Since 2015 Subaru, in partnership with the American Association for the Advancement Science, donated over 277,600 award-winning science books.  In addition, through our partnerships with Staples and we supported teachers and students with donations of S400,000 in gift cards and school supplies. 


In a perfect world, hunger would be history and hope would be commonplace. We believe a perfect world is possible.

In 2020, Subaru and its retailers made a donation to Feeding America to provide 50 million meals to help feed people in need during the COVID-19 crisis,* making meals available at 199 local food banks across the country.
*$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks. 


We should all have a chance to lead a healthy life. We’re aiming to give as many people that chance as we can.

Since 2016, Subaru and its retailers have partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to donate over 167,000 blankets and 21,500 arts & crafts kits and reached nearly 150,000 patients in more than 780 hospitals nationwide. 

How is Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Our Love Promise can be seen in various partnerships with local charities and non-profits. We're grateful for the opportunity, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve it as well.

Humane Society
E-Waste Recycling Event
Diakon Youth Services
West Shore YMCA, Diakon Youth Services
Harrisburg 5K, Luekemia and Lymphona Society
 Subaru Love Promise Heart

Love Promise Stories from Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg

Subaru and Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Central PA Food Bank and Subaru Loves to Help  –  Jen K

Thank you so much for your support of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank through the Subaru Loves to Help campaign. Your generous contribution means that FOOD BANK can stay nimble and be there for our neighbors in their moment of need— whether they are asking for help for the first time in their lives, or struggling with perpetual food insecurity that made it difficult to fill their plates even before this crisis hit. We are truly grateful for your support. We would love to explore additional ways to partner with you in the future. One of those ways is by volunteering to help pack our Crisis Response Boxes. We have experienced a 47% increase in need over the last 4 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the help of our wonderful volunteers, we are packing 3,500 boxes a day. Volunteers help us distribute these much life-saving boxes to food insecure individuals and families in our 27 county region. Our packing site has moved to the Farm Show in Harrisburg to accommodate the increase in need and implement a social distancing protocols. We are currently in need of volunteer groups to help pack the boxes. Additional information can be found on our website at -Jen K

Why We Deliver Blankets in July  –  Valerie S

In Mechanicsburg, PA, we are currently in the middle of a summer heat wave but we delivered blankets to Andrews and Patel Hematology/Oncology office. Cindy and Danielle with Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg, took time out of their day to meet us to deliver the blankets, craft kits and cards of hope. The waiting area in the office was full with patients and their families. With the hustle and bustle that summer months often bring, we just want to say a great big Thank YOU to everyone at Faulkner Subaru including the customers who spent a moment filling out a card of hope. It really helps to brighten a patient’s day when they receive a blanket and the cards certainly carry more hope than you can probably imagine to someone who is undergoing cancer treatment. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Central PA chapter was grateful to once again be apart in another meaningful Subaru Loves to Care program.

Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg Shares the Love 2018  –  Paula C

Dear Subaru, I would like to start by saying that when we were told we had been chosen for the Share the Love Event, we were surprised and honored. We thought, “This is great! We’ll receive maybe $10,000.00 and we can do great things with that amount.” Needless to say, when the letter arrived stating we were to receive over $40,000.00, it was definitely a HOLY CRAP moment! Amazed, thrilled, excited, dumbfounded, surprised… these are just some of the emotions that we felt! Me being the dreamer that I begin thinking of all the boundless things we could do for the rescue. First I was opening a spay/neuter clinic. But I realized I needed to start smaller. I thought we could add a maternity ward and/or a sick room. A small animal room/building. I need to start smaller still! So we are improving and expanding on what we already have started. Our new kennel will be opening very soon with this plentiful donation! We will be able to take in more animals in need and provide even better care while they stay with us. This donation will pay our vet bill for a year or keep us running for another year! The possibilities are endless. In short, the most important thing that this donation will do is help many unwanted and abandoned pets while they are with PCoAR, waiting for their new, loving families to find them. This donation will help us provide the best care and make it easier to love and help them. “Share the Love” says it all. We thank you for this incredible donation. From the tips of our tails to the ends of our noses, we thank you! Lots of furry hugs and sloppy kisses! From our rescue family to all of you, you are amazing and “thank you” just doesn’t seem to cover our gratitude! You are all now a part of our rescue family! Sincerely, Paula Current Director Perry County Animal Rescue

Fighting against Lyme disease in Central PA.  –  CINDY L

On January 16th, 2019 Faulkner Subaru was honored to host the Launch party for The Sam's Spoons Foundation and to make a donation to help educate local 5th graders about the prevention of Lyme disease. The cost of Lyme Disease can be staggering. According to Dr. Daniel Cameron, the mean cost for patients was $16,199 annually with early Lyme disease. Sam's Spoons Foundation was created in 2018 to help defray the out of pocket expenses incurred by families affected by chronic medical conditions from Lyme disease and co-infections. Post Treatment Chronic Lyme Disease is not only difficult to manage, but it means that people are left 100% financially responsible for their treatment. This nonprofit organization is focused on helping those in need financially while working with other nonprofit organizations to raise awareness, provide educational outreach efforts for youth and their families, instill the importance of prevention, and push important policies around tick bites and Lyme disease in Pennsylvania. Curious to know why "Spoons"? The spoon theory is a metaphor used to explain the lack of energy a person has to complete a simple daily task (like showering or household duties or making a meal) due to chronic illness/disease like Lyme and contributing illnesses.

PA Bass Federation reaches kids through Fishing  –  Barry P

Faulkner Subaru in Mechanicsburg partnered with the PA Bass Federation at an event that was held at the Great American Outdoors Show Feb. 2nd-10th, 2019 in Harrisburg, PA. Every kid learned to "flip, pitch, and cast" a fishing rod. After learning these skills they participated in a friendly competition to see who would score the highest in the 3 categories. Every child received a rod and reel, a T-shirt, and lures among other things. Over 800 kids learned to appreciate the finer points of fishing during this event! Barry Potteiger says, the focus is to get kids involved in healthy outdoor activities like fishing rather than getting into trouble or getting involved with drugs. This event was completely free to the kids who participated.

Harrison's PJs for Pediatrics  –  Helen and Harrison F

Faulkner Subaru in Harrisburg is collecting new pajamas again this year in infant to adult sizes to be delivered to Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital. Sometimes the real superhero's live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles! On April 19, 2017, after a well-baby visit Harrison a 16-month-old twin boy was sent to Penn State Children's Hospital for further testing. On April 20th it was confirmed that Harrison had Wilm's Tumor and would have to undergo a radical nephrectomy and subsequent chemotherapy. After recovering from his surgery he began chemotherapy at the beginning of May. We as a family completely understood the risks and benefits of treatment; loss of hair, lacking appetite, neuropathy, jaw pain, possible blood transfusions, and most importantly remission. We had made it through 6 weeks without a transfusion and finally on week 7 Harrison received his first transfusion of red blood cells. On week 8 he received platelets. Later in the day on the 20th of June Harrison was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Hershey with VOD, a side effect of the chemo that inhibits the blood flow to the liver. Harrison had to place on a ventilator, countless medications and underwent significant testing while the doctors were able to work out a plan. On June 29th Harrison was Life flighted to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh where it was decided we should be transferred to for a possible liver transplant. He was finally released Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children's of Pittsburgh in mid-August. By the end of August Harrison was transported back to Hershey to continue to heal and was discharged home September 29th. Over the past year, Harrison has continued to amaze all who treat him and love him. He is no longer on any medications and in the past year, his kidney function has continued to improve. Last year at this time he was at 50% kidney function and now he is in the low 90%. He is a normal toddler. He was able to attend pre-school this fall, he is singing and running like all the other kiddos. I attribute his ability to adapt and overcome obstacles to his twin Hudson. They push each other daily. Harrison has overcome so much in his short life and he continues to advance leaps and bounds. Harrison only sees his oncologist every six months now and all his other specialists have been moved to annually or semi-annually. He is currently on no medications! For those of you who are unfamiliar with why I chose pajamas to donate to the medical center in my son’s name here is why. As soon as Harrison was removed from the ventilator the first thing after holding him I did was put him in pajamas. My son was well enough to put pajamas on! However, we could possibly go through 5 or 6 Pajama changes in a day. Had it not been for the donations of pajamas Harrison wouldn’t have had pajamas to bridge the gap. We are extremely thankful for the donations last year and are hoping to give more to the children this year. Harrison is counting on you! Thank you in advance for your support! ~Helen Fischman

Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg Shares the Love  –  Victoria B

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Central PA Chapter was proud to partner with Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg in June during Subaru Loves to Care month to provide support to patients fighting cancer. Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg staff delivered the beautiful blankets and kids craft kits to Andrews Patel Hematology/Oncology. Thank you, Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg, for bringing warmth, love and hope to patients in our communities through Subaru Loves to Care!

Faulkner Subaru Shares the Love to Cancer Patients  –  Tara R

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Central PA Chapter was proud to partner with Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg in June during Subaru Loves to Care month to provide support to patients fighting cancer. Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg staff delivered the beautiful blankets and kids craft kits to Andrews & Patel Associates. Thank you to Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg for showing their local cancer patients that they are here to provide warmth and support!

Subaru and NWF Loves the Earth  –  Gina M

The students at the Palmyra Area Middle School were very excited to partner with Subaru and the National Wildlife Federation and to enhance our recently created native garden to create habitat for pollinators. Thank you!

Palmyra Middle School Loves the Earth  –  Gina M

My name is Gina Mason, and I am the environmental science teacher at Palmyra Area Middle School. My class has learned that sustaining the environment is critical not only in the present, but also for the future. They have become very passionate about cleaning up and preserving our environment. The students are very knowledgeable about environmental concerns and frequently go out in the community to help. One day they came up with the idea of building a garden at the school, so that they would be able to maintain and observe wildlife. Shortly thereafter, we were contacted by Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg about their willingness to support our native garden through Subaru’s partnership with the National Wildlife Federation’s Certified Wildlife Habitat initiative. They provided us with a wide variety of plants as well as the final few items we needed to make it spectacular! This included different wildlife housing, seeds, soil, and feeders which are all basic elements wildlife needs to survive. On May 30th, their sales manager Chris Carvell was able to stop by to meet the students and see what they were able to create from their Subaru Loves the Earth donations. Thank you to Subaru and Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg for their generosity. We look forward to partnering together in future projects!

Pedaling Across America for Affordable Housing  –  Hunter W

As the youngest of 3 boys, I grew up watching my oldest brother diagnosed at 27 with Autism struggle in many aspects of life and finding affordable housing. It’s no surprise that I grew passionate about finding a way to help! My uncle told me about a non-profit organization called Bike & Build. The mission is to spread awareness on affordable housing, and build houses for those in need. Bike & Build riders travel across the U.S. on road bikes, averaging 70 miles a day while making hundreds of stops along the way to build and restore homes. This organization is grassroots at its finest. They believe having a place to call home is a necessity, not a privilege. Those who are helped pay rent in any way they can afford. The more I learned, the more I grew intrigued to become part of it. Each rider is required to raise $5,000 for building supplies. I never raised money before and that much is tough! My mom recently purchased a Subaru from Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg and noticed how involved they are to pay it forward to the community. We took a leap and asked GM Doug Jones if he would be interested in helping. I was so happy when he said yes! I had no idea when he handed me the BIG check that it was going to be for the exact amount I needed to hit the goal! I am beyond thankful for their support and excited to start the 4 month 4,000 mile journey from New Hampshire to Washington State on June 14th.

Healing the Invisible wounds of Military Conflict  –  Sam S

Veterans experience things most cannot fathom. Although coming home is a wonderful feeling, coping with life after combat and managing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be very difficult. On December 6th 2012 our non-profit organization Dog T.A.G.S. was founded. Dog T.A.G.S. stands for Train Assist Guide and Serve. Our organization runs solely off of volunteers and donations and every penny raised goes directly to the cause. Our mission is to train our Veteran’s personal dogs in obedience, public access, and tasks the dog will perform to meet the Veteran’s personal needs. This allows them to become certified service dogs. If we have a Veteran who does not have a personal dog we work closely with them to find one who is a perfect match. All of this is provided to the Veteran at ZERO cost. We’ve seen in several cases that the work we do does and is saving lives. As a non-profit, it can be challenging to raise the funds to be able to keep our doors open providing the training and support the Veterans who fought for our freedom need and deserve. We are truly blessed for Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg’s partnership. Doug Jones and his amazing staff not only gave a donation, they have opened their venue for fundraisers, gotten us the exposure we desperately needed on Radio & TV as well as offered web presences guidance. We are forever thankful that Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg reached out to us they are 100% dedicated to paying it forward and making a difference in our community.

Fighting Childhood Hunger One Heart at a time  –  Christine D

In the fall of 2015 I took a leap of faith to create a weekly weekend food assistance program for upwards of 600 students who face food insecurity in Hershey, PA. It was hard for many to believe that in the sweetest place on earth there are 1 in 5 students who go to bed hungry. Food and nutrition play such an important role in developing the body and mind I had to do something to help! COCOA PACKS Inc started distributing weekend packs of food in November of 2015 and is committed to giving every student the opportunity to be the best possible learner and global citizen. It is our hope that the love our organization shares will one day help our recipients to share that same love to others. Their generous donation helps us to be financially sustainable to reach more students. Faulkner Subaru’s message of hope at our 1st Heart 4 Hunger Fundraiser, promotion of our organization through various communications and social media outlets broadened our ability to have others understand our mission inspired others. These alone are FABULOUS but what hit it out of the park for us was the incredible hearts of the staff at Faulkner Subaru who took the time to actually come to our sight and roll up their sleeves to help pack the COCOA PACK bags! This shows the genuine heart of their company. They did not make us feel like just another organization they support instead we feel like FAMILY working together for a common goal to love each other without judgment. #lovewins

Making my Dream a Reality  –  Brittany S

Graceful Acres is a non-profit organization offering therapeutic horseback riding where our main focus is to empower and better the lives of both children and adults facing various developmental, physical, or emotional challenges. For many years founder Jon Mattis dreamed of opening up a riding facility where children with special needs could benefit from therapeutic riding, gaining self-assurance and learning how to care for other living things. In June of 2012 Jon took the leap of faith and opened Graceful Acres on his grandparent’s farm. Our name Graceful Acres is in honor of the founders’ loving grandmother Grace, who was very passionate about bettering the lives and well-being of children. Through sponsorships and an amazing team of 50 volunteers we have grown vastly and continue to grow today! Since Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg began sponsoring us in 2015, we have increased our number of riders and broadened the spectrum of those we are able to offer lessons to. We currently have 43 riders ranging from ages 4 to 93 with 10 therapy horses and are averaging 100 riding lessons per month! “Without you and our volunteers none of this would be possible. It is truly a blessing to see my dream come true and to be rewarded with something that money can’t buy which are the laughs, smiles, and success stories of our riders! Thank you to Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg for your ongoing support and involvement, together we are making a difference in the community!”- Jon

Silver Spring Township's New K-9 "Tracker"  –  Brittany S

In May of 2016 Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg presented the Silver Spring Township Police Department with a check for $7,500 towards a new K-9. “Our Department is extremely thankful for Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg and their donation. Without your help we would not have been able to get Tracker as quickly as we did.” - Officer David Frascella

My First Subaru  –  Donna A

I knew it was time to purchase a new vehicle, but I was indecisive. My 2002 Ford Escape had served me well during the past 14 years and I considered myself a Ford person. The Ford lineup has changed their style and it no longer matched my style. My son and daughter-in-law suggested that I look at a Subaru. They just love their Subaru! I visited a local dealership, but they weren't the right fit for me. I decided to give Subaru one more try so I visited Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg where I met Danielle, Sales Consultant, and Chris, New Car Sales Manager. What a difference! Danielle and Chris were patient, kind, and willing to work with me to ensure that my next car was the perfect match for me. I thought I wanted a Crosstrek, but after test driving a Forester I was unsure. I couldn't make a decision. Danielle and Chris suggested that I take both vehicles overnight to help me with my decision. Wow! I've never had a dealership that offered an overnight test drive. Their level of commitment impressed me. I am thankful that I had the time needed to make the best decision for me. I am so happy with my red 2017 Forester!! I truly appreciate their time and effort. Danielle and Chris have changed my mind about Subaru. I recommend Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg! Thank you Danielle and Chris!

Bringing Light and Hope to Cancer Patients  –  Laura M

Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg is partnering with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) of central Pennsylvania to support blood cancer patients all over the world. Together, we are partnering to shine bright and inspire hope through our local Light the Night Walk in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Over 250 night lights were created to spread hope to blood cancer patients. When patients turn on these night lights, they will feel the warmth of millions of supporters. LLS and Faulkner Subaru are shining light on the darkness of cancer through research, education and patient support. We thank Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg for the love and support that they have shown LLS.

Amelia S Givin Library Summer Reading Program  –  Brittany S

Learning is a key aspect of Subaru’s Love Promise. That is why at Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg we were privileged to have the opportunity of being the Blue Ribbon sponsor for the Summer Reading Program at Amelia Givin Library in Mount Holly Springs. This program is designed to give over 650 local children and their families the opportunity to participate in a total of 17 fun and educational events held over the summer months of June and July. The Summer Reading Program encourages the youth to continue reading and learning throughout the summer while school is out of session. Each participant keeps track of books they read during the program. As the Blue Ribbon sponsor, our contribution of $4,900 helped the library enhance the quality of programs offered and offset many of the expenses. During the kickoff party we brought a Crosstrek and Forester for the kids to decorate with paint. We also provided prizes and gift bags for the program’s participants. We are proud to be partnered with this program that drives the younger generation to read and expand their knowledge, and will be involved for many years to come.

Letort Nature Trail  –  Emily G

Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg is committed to preserving and protecting the environment. We are proud to be a sponsor of the Letort Nature Trail. Our donation of $4,800 has helped expand community awareness of the 2 mile long trail by producing new maps as well as funding for map stands along the trail.

Silver Spring Township Police  –  Emily G

Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg we are proud to be a part of the Silver Spring Township Police Department’s fundraising efforts. We heard they were looking to raise money to add another K-9 Police Dog to the force and we were eager to help! Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg is located in Silver Spring Township and it is always an honor to help our local community. We donated $7,500 in efforts to help them reach their goal of $20,000 to add the newest member to the force. Their current K-9 Bruder has overcome many obstacles including cancer in the 7 years he has been on the force. On average, K-9’s only are able to serve about 10 years. As dog lovers ourselves, we are so happy we were able to help and are excited to meet this new pup. You can view the official check presentation video on our Facebook . Show your support by either donating to or simply sharing the Silver Spring Township Police Department K-9 Unit GoFundMe Page to help spread the word and get the Silver Spring Township Police Department to their $20,000 goal!

Subaru Loves Learning Book Drive August 1 - 31  –  Danielle S

Join us in our Subaru Loves Learning initiative during the month of August! We are partnering with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in donating science books to the Harrisburg School District. All of the books that will be donated have been recognized by AAAS as some of the best science books in their field. Contact us to learn more information.

Subaru Loves the Earth - E-Waste Event  –  Danielle S

We would like to thank our customers for participating in our E Waste Recycling event during the month of April. With your help, we were able to prevent 17,889 lbs of carbon emissions from polluting the atmosphere. This is equivalent to saving 685 trees, 3,042 gallons of gasoline, 25,933 plastic bottles, and 119,287 aluminum cans. Thank you for helping strengthen the Subaru Love Promise!

Share the Love  –  Abigail C

During the Subaru Share the Love event both the Faulkner Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg locations raised $27078 towards the efforts to cure Blood Cancers. The mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. With the help of Faulkner and so many others we will find a cure.

April 1-30, 2015 - E-Waste Recycling Event  –  Molly M

Throughout the month of April, we are hosting an E-Waste Recycling Event in our store to collect unwanted electronics. We've arranged to work with a company who will responsibly collect, re-purpose, and recycle your electronic waste. Help us protect our environment. Just show up with your E-Waste and we'll do the rest! The first 50 customers who contribute will receive a complementary environmental badge of ownership. We will accept: LCD Monitors, Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, CRTs up to 40 inches, Video Games/Consoles, Fax Machines, DVD/VCR Players, Printers, Computer Peripherals, Switches/Routers, Cords and Wires.

We Support Diakon Youth Services  –  Garrett H

Faulkner Subaru of Mechanicsburg has helped support Diakon Youth Services for the past 3 years. Diakon Youth Services helps transform the lives of at-risk youths since the 1970s through a range of community based treatment, vocational training, counseling, and mentoring services. Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg donates money to Diakon in order to help maintain the program. They sponser their 5k run which help provide supplies including, food, shirts, drinks, and prizes. Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg also donated a vehicle for their vocational training. Their automotive program allows the youth to better learn the systems of vehicles. They also have the youth come to the stores service department throughout the year and work along side of the technicians. This allows the youth to have a real world understanding of how the service department operates.

Faulkner Mechanicsburg supports Carlisle YMCA  –  Garrett H

Faulkner Subaru Mechanicsburg has worked with the Carlisle Family YMCA supporting the Carlisle area Youth Soccer program. The youth Soccer program is an 8 week program in both the spring and the fall. Their support helps fund the program. In turn this allows the YMCA to cover expenses that the registration fees may not cover. This helps keep the cost low so that youth can join the program. Between the Spring and Fall programs, this helps support roughly 700 kids. Their contribution also helps support the YMCA Summer Day Camps. Their Day Camps run for 10 weeks throughout the Summer. Between the Youth Adventure Day Camp, and their New Frontier offsite camp, there are over 100 campers daily. The YADC and New Frontier camp allows youth to be active, learn, and build relationships throughout the summer while in a safe and friendly environment.